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Kelsie Johnson '10

A native of Fort Worth, Kelsie graduated from TCU in 2010 with a degree in Advertising/Public Relations and Political Science. Upon graduation she ventured to Houston to join Teach for America. Teach for America's mission is that one day, all children in our nation will have the opportunity to attain an excellent education.

With a family full of teachers, principals and administrators, Kelsie has always had a passion for bettering our education system for the sake of all students, including the low-income second grade students she teaches at Port Houston Elementary. Kelsie loves teaching her students academic content, as evidenced in the 2+ years her students advanced in math and reading last year. However, she is truly passionate about opening her students' minds about their possible life opportunities. Her class' big goal is for everyone to graduate from a four-year university so they may go on to pursue any career opportunity they choose. To save you from doing the math, they will graduate from college in 2026! To make the idea of college more real for her students, Kelsie got TCU t-shirts, pencils and stickers donated for her students. She received more than 100 t-shirts from alumni and friends of the university from around the globe. They wear their t-shirts on Fridays when they take their weekly reading and math tests. "While I love seeing my class decked out in purple every Friday, this is really about them believing college is possible and attainable," she added.

Upon finishing her commitment with TFA this year, Kelsie plans on pursuing a job in Austin or Washington, D.C., continuing to work towards the betterment of our public education system. Eventually she will return to graduate school for a degree in public policy. In her spare time, Kelsie enjoys adding to her collection of purple clothing, cooking and running. She plans to run the Cowtown half-marathon in Fort Worth in February.

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