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Kate-Frost Feild '06

Kate-Frost Feild '06 is the owner and operator of Kate's Frosting, a cupcake bakery.

Kate’s Frosting Cupcakes on Main opened on October 20, 2007 after a long San Antonio summer of creating and testing original cupcake recipes. Creating a name for the store wasn’t difficult; Kate and her family decided that her name perfectly lent itself to the cupcake bakery.

24-year-old Houston native Kate-Frost enlisted the help of her grandmother (Houston artist Kate Frost Neal), her parents (Nick and Mary-Kate), and her brother (Tom) to design and decorate the 2,100 square foot store front and back patio. In the meantime, she hired several culinary students from St. Phillip’s College to help test and develop many of the recipes. Since then, over 25 flavors, including chocolate, vanilla and strawberry, have been added to the menu.

Located in the heart of historic Monte Vista, Kate’s Frosting has fast become a part of a welcoming and enthusiastic neighborhood. After a successful holiday season in Monte Vista, Kate’s Frosting has an opportunity to expand the business. On May 1, 2008 The Cupcake Cabin by Kate’s Frosting opened in Alamo Heights. Hidden beneath the trees across the street from Cambridge Elementary, The Cupcake Cabin is just west of Broadway at 1020 Townsend @ Ogden.

In addition to cupcakes, both stores offer a collection of gift items and accessories, serving pieces, tablecloths, aprons for children and adults, tote bags, fun handbags, CDs, t-shirts and more!

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