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Hilary Colia '06

For our Young Alumni Featured Frog Hilary Colia, it’s all about what you put your mind to. Although Hilary has no children of her own, her mind was on a concept all about babies, or at least nurseries.

After graduating from TCU in 2006 with a degree in Marketing and Entrepreneurial Management, Hilary spent the next six years working for a Fortune 50 company in Fort Worth selling industrial tapes and adhesives. While she loved the company she worked for and the people she worked with, the office supply industry didn’t provide Hilary with the passion she was looking for. With great experience under her belt and knowledge of running a business, Hilary embarked on a new adventure, and in January of 2012 she had an idea that would drastically change her career path.

Several of Hilary’s friends were having babies and spending a significant amount of time designing and shopping for their nurseries. She was shocked to learn that there wasn’t a place where they could go to design a nursery and shop for their new baby in the area. That got Hilary thinking, and she spent the next few months researching, writing a business plan, and getting funding to make her idea work. On October 22, 2012 Hilary’s dream was realized as she opened her very own nursery furnishing store in Fort Worth: Baby By Design.

Baby By Design is a concept that was born out of a passion for small business and a desire to bring women a local destination to design and shop for the nursery of their dreams. In addition to bringing convenience to mothers all over the Fort Worth area, Hilary is thrilled to help create a special place for a new baby. While Baby By Design specializes in nursery furniture, they also carry clothing and accessories for babies 024 months. Baby By Design is located on historic Camp Bowie Boulevard.

Hilary is grateful for TCU and the wonderful education she received from the Neeley School of Business. She feels she is putting her degree to good use and reaping the rewards of all her hard work. Hilary is proud to be a member of the Fort Worth business community and looks forward to what life and Baby By Design have in store.

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