Michelle McKee Marlow

Michelle Marlow
Name & Graduation Year:
Michelle McKee Marlow '92
Speech Language Pathology

Who you are (describe what makes you you):
I bleed purple! My passion for TCU shines through all aspects of my life, including my work as a clinically certified speech language pathologist in Fort Worth. I have worked in private practice since graduation in 1994, providing services to children, aged birth to high school, with speech and language impairments.

Biggest accomplishment since graduation (career, community, personally):
My biggest passion is my “Table of Six”: husband Scott Marlow, an anesthesiologist who specializes in cardiac anesthesia, and my four boys, George (19), Thomas (17), Henry (15) and William (10).

Favorite thing about being a TCU Alumni:
It’s home for the Marlow Family! Living so close to campus, it has become part of our everyday life. We walk, we ride our bikes, we go for coffee, and dine at the University Drive favorites Dutch’s and Buffalo Brothers. Whether it’s winter, with the purple and brightly shining holiday lights; spring, with the sight and smell of the most beautiful flowers in Fort Worth; summer, with the quiet stillness of our growing beautiful campus; or fall, when we hear the TCU band preparing for game day, the campus brings excitement to my heart and a feeling of honor to be a part of this great TCU family!

Favorite memory while in school at TCU:
Friendships “Tried and True!” The Pi Phi Angels will know just what I am talking about. My very best friendships made at TCU remain strong ... so strong that now our children get to share that same experience growing up together in Fort Worth.

How has TCU prepared you for post-graduate life?
Lynn Flahive, my clinical supervisor while at TCU, said to me, “Michelle, you should write books.” She is one of many professors that made such an impact on me. Post graduate school, I did just that! Then, life got busy: I married a wonderful man, worked as speech language pathologist in my private practice, had four boys, and served my church and community. Almost 25 years later, my book S Is The Most Delicious Sound surfaced on my computer. I printed it out and, with the encouragement of my husband, I began the publishing process.

On December 17, 2017, I received the first copy. What a blessing! Thank you TCU and Mrs. Flahive for the encouragement! Thank you, Scott Marlow, for the support! My hope and prayer for this book is that it lands in the hands of a child that might need a little encouragement to produce that “Good S Sound” or maybe just little bits confidence while speaking. I am excited to say this is the beginning of a series of books on hard-to-pronounce letters. L is LemonaAid and R is the Roughest Sounds are coming soon!

What were some of your favorite things about campus and Fort Worth?
My walks around TCU. Still today I find myself smiling as I walk my dog Shiner around Frog Fountain. I always run into someone I know! I have always loved a good football and baseball game. The Christmas tree lighting and fireworks are always a family favorite. Living in the Pi Phi House and dancing in the Stockyards must be mentioned. Hearing the ringing of the bells from Robert Carr Chapel and the flowers always makes me smile. Have I mentioned the flowers?! I have always loved exploring our wonderful museums and dining in our local restaurants. No matter where you are, Fort Worth is solid purple-I love purple!

How do you stay connected with TCU and what’s been some of the things about TCU that you have been most proud of since your graduation?
I have stayed connected by being a part of the National Alumni Board, Chancellors Advisory Board and the Advisory Chair for the Davies School of Communications Sciences and Disorders. Truly, after each meeting I take a picture at Frog Fountain or other meaningful spots on campus and send it to my mom and dad from Shiner, Texas, where I was born and raised. I tell them how grateful I am for this opportunity they gave me to attend a university like TCU.

I would also have to say I am most proud of my four boys and their friends in our wonderful neighborhood, Colonial Hills. For the past 8 years, Colonial Hills kids, have convened in our front yard during the Colonial Golf Tournament. You may have seen our LemonAid stand or heard their chanting on your way to the PGA Golf Tournament if you live here in Fort Worth. They have raised over $175,000 since 2010. Every year, in September, they gather to listen to a handful of non-profits charities and take a vote to see who they will support for that year. Two years ago, they supported the TCU KinderFrogs School at TCU and raised $50,000, enough to have an endowed scholarship in their name. This year they will be supporting the Starpoint School at TCU. This mom is proud! To watch your children grow up in such a special community like the TCU area, and then to watch them have the desire to give back to TCU and our great city Fort Worth, makes me most proud. I cannot thank TCU and Fort Worth enough for all your love and support to me and my family!

Where can we find, follow and friend you (or your company)?

Facebook: www.facebook.com/marlowbooks
Twitter: www.twitter.com/PrnounceLetters
Website: www.mascotbooks.com/marlowbooks

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