Katherine (Doughtie) Curtis

Name & Graduation Year:
Katherine (Doughtie) Curtis, 2000

Who you are (describe what makes you you):
A wife, a mom, a Horned Frog, a sports fan, a philanthropy organizer! 

Proudest accomplishment since graduation (career, community, personally):
I’ve completed 4 half marathons- one in DFW, one in San Antonio, and two in Miami. 

What does your life look like day-to-day?
Between school drop off and pick-up, I stay busy with volunteer work and answering the question - "Do you always wear purple?" And the answer-- Yes, yes I do.

Favorite memory on the TCU Campus:
My junior year, TCU's basketball team was ranked. My friend and I showed up to the game and were turned away at the gate because the student section was full. As we walked away, disappointed not to be at the biggest sporting event of our TCU lives, an alum stopped us. He had two extra tickets. He said something along the lines of "If you don't mind sitting with the old folks, you are welcome to use our tickets to come to the game." We, of course, took him up on his offer and found our seats in the middle of the alumni section, just in time to see Lee Nailon ejected. We had a blast that night, and I knew that I could be like those "old folks" one day.

What's one piece of advice you'd tell a soon-to-be graduate?
It's okay not to know what's next for your life. Not everything needs to be planned out. Enjoy what life throws at you because you never know where the journey will lead.

How did you get involved with the TCU Alumni Fort Worth Chapter?
I asked my friend, Amanda, who was chair of Frog Families at the time, how to get involved. She invited me to the next meeting, and I've been a part of the chapter ever since.

What do you enjoy most about being Fort Worth Chapter President?
Fort Worth Chapter President: I’ve loved getting to know the generations of alumni and our all encompassing passion for TCU. 


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