Club Cities

Find game watching parties, fellow Horned Frogs and more in these club cities!

TCU Clubs


Club President: Rebecca Dietz Webb '93
Facebook: Atlanta Club

Boston skyline


Club Co-President: Bill Eagan '07
Facebook: Boston Club


Club President: Cayce Trudo '01
Facebook: Charlotte Club


Club President: Kerrie Meister '01
Facebook: Cincinnati Club

Midland skyline


Club President: Bob Thompson '15
Facebook: Midland Club

Nashville, TN


Club Co-President: Chris Brophy '14
Club Co-President: Cailin O’Mara Stevens '16
Facebook: Nashville Club

North Carolina Triangle

Club President: Adam Zerda '98
Facebook: North Carolina Triangle Club

Northern California

Club Presidents: David and Patti Maxwell
Facebook: NorCal Club

Oklahoma City skyline

Oklahoma City

Club Co-President: Ali Demorotski '06
Club Co-President: Melanie Maguire '87
Facebook: Oklahoma City Club

Orange County

Club President: Tracy Smith '87
Facebook: Orange County Club


Club President: Layne LeBleu
Facebook: Portland Club

Sacramento skyline


Club President: Jessica Poelman '15
Facebook: Sacramento Club

San Diego

Club President: Kelli Montigel Howells '10
Facebook: San Diego Club

San Francisco

Club President: Bennett Yasskin '17
Facebook: San Francisco Club


Club President: Ian Voorn '04
Facebook: Seattle Club

St. Louis

Club President: Andy Mace '09
Facebook: St. Louis Club


Club Co-President: Stephanie Brown '06
Club Co-President: Adam Brown '05
Facebook: Tulsa Club

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