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Austin - Jessica Cung
Chicago - Jessica Cung
Dallas - Jessica Cung
Dallas Young - Thomas Brown
Denver - Carrie Brown
Fort Worth - Jessica Cung
Fort Worth Young - Thomas Brown
Houston - Jessica Cung
Kansas City - Thomas Brown
Los Angeles - Thomas Brown
New York (Tri-State) - Thomas Brown
San Antonio - Thomas Brown
Washington Metro (D.C.) - Carrie Brown



Thomas Brown


Special Interest Groups

Black Alumni Alliance (BAA) - Amanda Stallings
Golden Frogs - Melissa Austin-Weeks
Hispanic Alumni Alliance (HAA) - Melissa Austin-Weeks
Quinq Club - Melissa Austin-Weeks


Alumni Career Network

Brooke Shuman



50-Year (1966) - Melissa Austin-Weeks
Young Alumni tailgate (2006-2016) - Thomas Brown



Jessica Cung


Travel Programs

Kristi Hoban


Senior Adult Programming

Melissa Austin-Weeks


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Help Center


Current Student Programming

Carrie Brown


Parents Programming

Brooke Shuman


New Media

Brooke Shuman


National Alumni Board

Amanda Stallings


TCU Leadership Awards

Kristi Hoban


Dee J. Kelly Alumni & Visitors Center

Cheryl Cobb