Nate Angelo


Nate Angelo
Name & Graduation Year:
Nate Angelo, 2002

Who you are (describe what makes you you):
I am Jesus guy, and a dedicated husband to my high school sweetheart, Jenny ’04. I am a proud father of three boys (Gannon, Levi and Riley) who believe they are future Horned Frogs. And I’m passionate about making a difference in the lives of others. Having a heart for those that are less fortunate has led to the launch of a non-profit, SowingRoots, that provides need based grants for adoptive families and positively impacts children in foster care.

Having a heart for those that are less fortunate has led to the launch of a non-profit, SowingRoots, that provides need based grants for adoptive families and positively impacts children in foster care. I serve on several local community boards (YMCA and Life Center Church) in hopes of giving back to the communities that helped shape me as a youth. My professional career has all been spent in the financial services industry where I am currently Head of Wealth Management Consulting – US for RBC. My professional work is simply an extension of my volunteer work – an opportunity to serve the people on our team and the clients we are committed to. Life is a journey, it is full of ups and downs, you never know what someone is going through at a given moment, and I want to be there to speak life when they need it most, to offer a helping hand.

Biggest accomplishment since graduation:
My wife and I launched SowingRoots in the midst of our own challenging adoption process of our middle son. In the midst of mounting expenses, challenges with the process, and uncertainty, we leaned into our Faith. During this stressful time, we felt we needed to do something to encourage others in a similar place as us. So, five years ago, we launched SowingRoots ( to provide need-based grants to adoptive families and improve living conditions for orphans left behind. This effort has led to partnerships in the Philippines, Honduras and with the local foster care community. Our willingness to step out of our comfort zone, take a risk and trust that God had a bigger plan for this idea has been an awesome journey.

Favorite thing about being a TCU Alumni:
The Seattle area was not exactly a hot bed for TCU alumni. In fact when I said I was going to transfer to TCU, my family and friends would always ask “You’re going where? What is a Horned Frog?” In the past several years, things have changed! Back in the Seattle area again, I have met with numerous high school students about life at TCU and almost all of them are now Horned Frogs. And there is nothing like wandering through our community in the fall, proudly wearing our Horned Frog gear and having complete strangers not only know who TCU is, but acknowledge with a “Go Frogs!”

Favorite memory while in school at TCU:
If I were to summarize my favorite memory from TCU into one word it would be “people.” As a transfer student, you never know what to expect and I could not have met a better group of lifelong friends while at TCU. My girlfriend at the time (now wife) played soccer for TCU and there are many great memories watching the Frogs battle on the pitch. The women’s soccer coach at the time was Dave Rubinson (an alum himself), and he is one of the kindest men I have ever met! I am grateful to this day for our relationship with “Coach.”

How has TCU prepared you for post-graduate life?
TCU’s forward thinking approach to teaching and culture, of pushing people to expand their horizons, helped shape the foundation I needed to thrive both in the workplace and in life. Having professors who took a genuine interest in me and challenged me to think differently set me on a path to being a life-long learner. From challenging case study work to formal presentations, TCU (and specifically the Neeley School of Business) armed me with the tools to thrive upon starting my career. In addition to preparing me for a professional career in financial services, it helped shape a desire in my heart to leave a lasting impression on others.

In my career, I have spent a lot of time traveling the country, engaging people from all walks of life, and my experience at TCU prepared me for these unique conversations. The Neeley School helped shape the way I operate as a senior leader in a large organization. It taught me discipline, helped me establish an efficient work ethic and a desire to always be prepared. But, arguably the most important skills I honed at TCU, is how to ask questions, to listen more than you speak and to take a genuine interest in making the life of whom you are working with better. My experience at TCU prepared me for diverse conversations, public speaking and laid a foundation for leadership.

What were some of your favorite things about campus and Fort Worth?
Many of my favorite things about campus and Fort Worth remain to this day. I can’t help but highlight the atmosphere at TCU sporting events. Be it a football game on Saturday afternoon, a women’s soccer game or a spring afternoon baseball game, TCU creates a great “fan experience.”

The library will never be forgotten after spending many late nights studying! And after a recent visit back to campus, it must be noted that the new library is phenomenal!

Fort Worth highlights include Joe T’s, Lonesome Dove and some of the best people in the world!

Where can you be found on a Saturday afternoon?
Recovering from my 10-mile morning run by playing with our boys. In the spring, we are on the baseball field and in the fall you will find us on the soccer field. We try to spend one Saturday afternoon a year at Amon G. Carter Stadium as a family!

Where can we find, follow, and friend you?
Facebook: and

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