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Allison (Thomas) Boenker '11

Allison Boenker graduated TCU in May 2011 with a Masters of Accounting and an undergraduate degree in Accounting with a Leadership Emphasis. However, the path she would take would be far from that of your normal accountants. After graduation, Allison married fellow Horned Frog Andy Boenker '10 and worked at an accounting firm for a year as a tax accountant. Although she learned much and loved the people she worked with, Allison felt like a part of her was being held back. So with a little encouragement and help from her husband, she took a leap of faith!

Having always been interested in design, Allison would play around with wire and beads and create bracelets as birthday and Christmas gifts, but she never took it seriously. While at TCU she ventured into game day earrings and continued to work on her bracelets. After the craziness of a busy tax season, Andy and Allison sat down and she explained her need for something different: something where she could use both her left brain and right brain gifts. Andy encouraged Allison to pursue her jewelry more seriously, and she fell in love with the idea.

Together they got supplies, converted their guest bedroom into a workshop, and Allison taught Andy how to make her braceletsby hand. After taking one look at the process, Andy said there had to be a better way. The next day he came home with a bead machine that cut their production time in half. Once the perfect design was solidified, quality suppliers were established, and an efficient production schedule was in place, they started to build their inventory. In June Allison had her first trunk show at their home and word of mouth spread. Fast.

After 5 months of business, LovelyB is in 31 stores across Texas, Oklahoma and Tennessee. Nothing makes Allison happier than running into strangers wearing LovelyB! Allison holds to her Horned Frog roots by using the connections she made while in school. She's partnered with a fellow alumnus, John Whitten '07, to further her brand. John helped Allison come up with the LovelyB logo and business cards. Helen Byrd '09, also a TCU alumna, has done all the photography for the brand.

To purchase LovelyB bracelets, check out their website at or the Facebook page:

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