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Homecoming and FrogFest

There’s No Place Like Homecoming 2017
Homecoming and FrogFest are deeply engrained in TCU culture. It’s a time for alumni to dash back to campus to show their spirit, catch up with old friends and get to know the next generation of Frogs. This year’s festivities include a parade, pep rally, food, games, fireworks and more. For more information ...


Game Day

College GameDay Takes Over Campus Commons

Frog fans flocked to campus early Saturday morning before TCU’s game against West Virginia as College GameDay made its first appearance on campus in Fort Worth since 2009. Coach Corso made his 300th all-time pick, donning the SuperFrog head at the show’s conclusion, as the Frogs went on to defeat the Mountaineers 31-24. Photos from GameDay ...

  Alumni Travel Program

Alumni Association Travel Program

Become a Traveling Frog, joining other Horned Frogs from across the country for lifelong learning in the most unique ways. From Africa to Canada, unique trips are offered for varied interests. Eight trips are featured in 2018 with registration open now. For more information ...

Become a Mentor

Become a Mentor

Share your industry expertise with a member of your Frog Family by offering to become a mentor on our Horned Frogs Connect platform! Sharing your expertise is easy – simply indicate that you’re “willing to help” on your Horned Frogs Connect profile and wait to be contacted! Sign up or update your profile now!


Nominate a Featured Frog

Do you know a Frog doing great things in their community or job? Nominate them for the Alumni Association’s Featured Frog! We will profile them in our enewsletter, share their accomplishments on social media and promote them with other campus constituents. Find the form here ...

  Facebook Worldwide

Frogs on Facebook!

Get connected with other Frogs in your region by joining our chapter Facebook pages! Stay in the know on TCU events in your area and meet up with other Frogs. Our 17 alumni clubs, from Charlotte to the Pacific Northwest, also have Facebook groups. Find your chapter Facebook page here ...

Clint Gresham    

Alumni Spotlight:
Name: Clint Gresham
Class Year: 2010
Major: Business Administration – Entrepreneurial Management

Who are you?
Best Selling Author, International Speaker, Younglife leader, TCU Grad, Super Bowl XLVIII winner ... I help people love the process to wholeness.

I grew up in Corpus Christi and my senior year of high school, I ended up committing to go to the University of Oklahoma. TCU didn’t show up until maybe 3-4 months after I had made that commitment. So, I started my collegiate career with OU. Thankfully there was still an opportunity to play at TCU, so I ended up transferring.



TCU Ranks No. 2 in Student Engagement

In its recent top schools for engagement rankings, The Wall Street Journal/Times Higher Education College placed TCU second in terms of how engaged students feel. The score includes the level at which students are challenged in the classroom, the breadth of academic options, the level of engagement with professors and their education, and the transformational experiences that take place during their time on campus. Read more...


Lead On, Horned Frogs

Following a comprehensive study in 2016, the university has launched a new campaign to continue to highlight the experiences of Horned Frogs who are leading where they are – whether it’s in a science lab, on an athletic field or in the board room. Horned Frogs are positive change agents around the globe, striving for excellence with integrity. Learn more about Lead On ...

  TCU Giving Day

Take the Lead On Giving – November 9

TCU’s fourth annual 24-hour day of giving, TCU Gives Day, will be November 9! The celebration will be centered on campus, but Horned Frogs across the country and the world will be celebrating by making a gift to any area of the University. If 2,000 gifts are made during the day, TCU alumni Linda and Mark Wassenich will give $25,000 to TCU. You can learn more about TCU Gives Day 2017 by going to and following the action online with #LeadOnTCU. Read more...


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