Frederick "Fritz" W. Rahr, Jr. ’89, ‘93
Rahr & Sons Brewing Co.


Frederick “Fritz” W. Rahr, Jr. ’89 (MBA ’93), founder and president of Rahr & Sons Brewing Company, a Fort Worth based microbrewery


How has the Horned Frog network benefited you in your career?
I went back to TCU to get my MBA, to learn what I should have learned as an undergraduate. My MBA experience was wonderful and the Horned Frog community was been when we started up Rahr & Sons Brewery. Right from the beginning, I asked TCU faculty to look over my business plan to make sure I was on the right track. My old professor was impressed with what he saw and jokingly said “Fritz this is great, why didn’t you do this while being a student here." From that point on it has been a wonderful ride, intermingling with TCU faculty, the student population and TCU alumni.

Have you accelerated possibilities as a result of your Horned Frog community?
Being a graduate of TCU has its benefits here locally in Fort Worth. Especially within the service/entertainment industry. Starting up Rahr & Sons Brewery was a very difficult thing to do, but having alumni connections in ownership/management positions within companies such as bars, restaurants, liquor stores, helped us gain a base foundation within the community. Today, these relationships are even stronger. As a company, Rahr & Sons has been awarded many opportunities to expand into new and diverse areas, where in the past, we could not have afforded (in resources & manpower) those opportunities.

Were opportunities opened up that otherwise would have been limited without your Horned Frog connections?
Yes, many local businesses are Horned Frog-owned or run. Whether we are buying raw materials or selling to restaurant or liquor store, there is always the feeling that the local Horned Frog community will open doors to let you in or offer up a discount to help you out. The community supports local and that’s what’s very special about being apart of Fort Worth, being an Alumni of TCU and a Horned Frog.


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