Leadership Awards Criteria

Current Awards:

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DISTINGUISHED ALUMNI AWARD: First presented in 1954, this award is designated for an alumnus or alumna whose career and endeavors have achieved national prominence in a particular field, bringing credit to himself/herself and, in turn, bringing credit to TCU.

ROYAL PURPLE AWARD: Established in 1967, this award is designated for an individual’s extraordinary service and support of Texas Christian University and the greater community. The recipient may or may not be an alumnus or alumna of TCU.

VALUABLE ALUMNI AWARD: The recipient of this award is an alumnus or alumna who has rendered outstanding and continuing service to the University and/or to the Alumni Association. The contributions of the individual may or may not have been in terms of financial support.

ALUMNI SERVICE AWARD:  Established in the spring of 1992, the alumnus or alumna who receives this award has rendered continuing and outstanding service to the Alumni Association and to the University.

OUTSTANDING YOUNG PROFESSIONAL AWARD: This award recognizes an alumnus or alumna, 35 years of age or younger, who has demonstrated outstanding professional achievement or endeavors, bringing credit to himself or herself and, in turn, bringing credit to TCU.

DISTINGUISHED STUDENT AWARD: Presented to a senior student who has distinguished himself or herself as an undergraduate at TCU both in academics and in service to the University.

Past Awards:

HONORARY ALUMNI AWARD: First presented since 1954, the award is given to a person who is NOT an alumnus or alumna of TCU but, through his or her loyalty, service and/or support of TCU, has earned this recognition and honor.

FOUNDERS AWARD: The recipient, who may or may not be an alumnus or alumna of TCU, is cited for a special reason or a single act or deed, not defined by other awards, in the interest of the University or the Alumni Association.

FROG O'FAME AWARD: First presented in the spring of 1968, the alumnus or alumna receiving this award is a person who has achieved recognition through his/her career in the field of sports.