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Horned Frogs who read are Horned Frogs who read! Each semester, the TCU Alumni Association will select a new title for online discussion, in-person events, guest interviews and more.

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What’s our current read?

For the fall 2019 semester we are reading Women Don’t Ask: Negotiation and Gender Divide by Linda Babcock and Sara Laschever.

With women's progress toward full economic and social equality stalled, women's lives becoming increasingly complex, and the structures of businesses changing, the ability to negotiate is no longer a luxury but a necessity. Drawing on research in psychology, sociology, economics, and organizational behavior as well as dozens of interviews with men and women from all walks of life, Women Don't Ask is the first book to identify the dramatic difference between men and women in their propensity to negotiate for what they want. It tells women how to ask, and why they should.


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What Research Says about Reading:

  • 85% of millionaires read at least two books per month. (article)
  • Reading regularly improves your Theory of Mind (ToM), which makes you more empathetic and emotionally aware. (article)
  • People who read 30 minutes a day live 23 months longer (on average) than people who don’t read. (article)


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